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Geum Jandi
28 November 2023 @ 11:11 am

This journal was created solely for the purpose of roleplaying in boysoverflowers.

Mess with me/my friends/family/boyfriends/not-so-friends/arch enemies and we will kick your ass. We're awesome like that.

Geum Jandi
08 April 2009 @ 07:35 pm

YAH, GEUM KANG SAN, WHAT'S THIS?! Who's that guy, and why is he making you drink strange things out of that suspicious looking glass? Just because noona is busy failing studying doesn't mean that you can just run amok like that!

More importantly,

Why wasn't noona invited to this food fest? YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT MEETING YOUR FRIENDS TO MAKE SURE YOU MIX WITH PROPER PEOPLE and just looking at the food makes me hungry.

Speaking of friends, I really need to see you soon. Pictures of you with these older guys dressed like punks is making noona uneasy. And I want to get to know these guys too - they're kinda cute.

Kang San ah, get back to noona soon. I'm worried about you :(
Geum Jandi
27 March 2009 @ 01:12 pm
Journal ah, I have so many 'sorry's to say today.

Sorry journal for not updating for so long.

Sorry Ga Eul ah for not being there for you.

Sorry Jae Kyung unnie for all the heartbreak you went through - for nothing.

Sorry Ah-pa and Uhm-ma for lying to you and for leaving Shinhwa.

Sorry Mister for not coming to visit any more.

Sorry Grandpa for not welcoming you back when you recovered.

Sorry Ji Hoo sunbae for running off like that.

Sorry sunbaenim for not being strong enough.

Sorry Ju Hee noona for not keeping my promise to tell you when I was in trouble.

Sorry Geum Jandi for not being able to do anything else, and for giving up my dreams of being a doctor.


Sorry Goo Joonpyo, for lying to you, and for not being able to protect the one I love most.
Geum Jandi
24 March 2009 @ 04:33 pm
The wedding didn't take place after all. Jae Kyung unnie is truly a good friend. Yah Goo Joonpyo, now's the time for you to take back all the bad things you said about her. Geez. I must say that Chen is really cool. Those 4 guys who tried to kidnap me were single handedly knocked out by her. And she managed to do it while crammed into that tiny lift.

Afterward, Goo Joonpyo and I went on a yacht, then to this nice house that Jae Kyung unnie prepared. The thing about that house is that there was only one bedroom with one huge bed. I can't remember what happened after that because I was too tired. Really.

SPEAKING OF THE BED, too bad it'll never fit into any of the houses that I rent.. Maybe, I'll just get a bed like that, then do everything on it. Cook, study, sleep.. Ah, that sounds like a good idea.

Oh yes, there was glorious food too. FOOD! It was really yummy, too.

We went stargazing after that, too. I realized again how lonely Goo Joonpyo is.. Well, it hasn't been easy for him growing up with parents like that, but thankfully, Ju Hee noona and her pimp stick managed to keep him from going completely psycho. Uhhmm.. Nothing much happened besides listening to him talk about his dad. Really.

But now, I'm staying at Ji Hoo sunbae's house. I must say that it's quite weird at times to be imposing on him, but at least I get to see grandpa and him interact like a family. Makes me miss Ah-pa, Uhm-ma and Kang San.. Speaking of them, they told me that they loved the meat that I sent them the other day. They should really watch their diet. Maybe I should pay them a visit soon, just in case.

Secretary Jeon brought me to see this nice Mister, who's unfortunately in a coma.. Seeing people like that makes me want to study even harder so that I can find a way to cure all of them. When I speak to him, I feel that he really hears and understands me. I'm sure he'll wake up soon. Aja aja hwaiting ~ But I can't shake off the feeling that I've seen that Mister's nose on someone else...

Ah, the little boy's Uhm-Ma is here to pick her son up. And that Goo Joonpyo's yelling at me to hurry up. That guy never changes, really. I'll write again soon Journal ~ You're the only one who knows exactly what I feel :)

P.S. Ga Eul ah, if you're reading this, do take care of yourself! You've been so tired recently but refuse to tell me what it's all about. If Lee Jung sunbae is trying to turn into Goo Joonpyo and making you be his personal maid, tell me and I'll kick his ass.
Geum Jandi
23 March 2009 @ 01:32 pm
Kang San really likes this shiny white Vaio laptop of mine. Um-ma said that she didn't buy it for me, and Goo Joonpyo said that he didn't, either. Anyway, because this is much faster than his 15 year old laptop, he tried to show me what I could do with the laptop.

First off, he (illegally) downloaded WoW for me. Once I entered the game, i died 2842647298 times. For some reason, those things can't seem to stop attacking me.. And it's not my fault that my character's slow. Just because the sign says Warning: Training ground only suitable for level 50 and above doesn't mean that a level 1 player can't go in. RIGHT? I mean, who says that there's such things as limitations on stuff like that? Geum Jandi does not believe in limitations. THERE IS NO SPOON.

After I gave up on that stupid game, he showed me where to (illegally) download music. Now I no longer have to go to the Master's shop to watch Music Bank.. I can just download whatever I want and listen to it whenever I want to ^^ But because he didn't want to help me download more music, I've only got one song on my computer now - Gee. I've been playing it non-stop, and Ah-pah is singing along as well. I wonder if Ju Hee noona will like the song.....

And now there's this funny beeping sound coming from my laptop. And a strange message that says something about 'Low Battery, please connect laptop to source'. Because I have no idea what that means, I'm going to look for Kang San now.
Current Music: SNSD - Gee
Geum Jandi
22 March 2009 @ 05:05 pm
Yesterday, someone delivered this laptop to my house. I suspect it's Goo Joonpyo's doing, but I didn't want to call and ask, just in case it was from Ji Hoo sunbae someone else.. I'm writing on this electronic journal, because my real journal has run out of blank pages. The problem about writing this is that it's quite hard to type properly while I've locked myself in a toilet cubicle. It's a little cramped, but I'm used to confined spaces anyway.

Journal ah, I wonder what I'm supposed to do? Goo Joonpyo is getting married in about 20 minutes, and Jae Kyung unnie asked me to be her bridesmaid. Although he's the most royal pain in the ass ever, I still... sorta. kinda. really have feelings for him. Ji Hoo sunbae has been really supportive of me this whole time, and I feel so indebted to him.. And like I've told you 27025270527 times before, journal, I feel more comfortable around him with anyone else. Jae Kyung unnie's so obviously in love with Goo Joonpyo too, so I really can't stand to break up their love, no matter how hard it is for me.

Geum Jandi, hwaiting!

Speaking of love, Ga eul yang has been really upset and vacant recently. If I find out that it's Lee Jung sunbae's fault, he's so going to die. Touch my BFF and die. Literally and figuratively.
Geum Jandi
21 March 2009 @ 05:21 pm

The name's Jandi. Geum Jandi. I'm about as common as a commoner can get. I live for bargains, love street food and help my parents out with the family business when I can. My parents own a dry-cleaners. And yes, they named it after me. Kang San wasn't very happy about that, but what's done is done.

+++Collapse )

... Still under construction, because I've got 289649286 things to do. Newspaper and milk deliveries, work at the porridge shop, helping out at the clinic, school, and all that other stuff. Boyfriends, arch nemesis and more friends to be added soon!